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IMG 0413What will be the consumer buying trends once the lock-down eases?
Going digital will be a must for all sellers. People will want to discover jewellery online first . Why you ask? Consumers will want to limit their exposure to the virus and they will step out only after discovering their piece online. Once they have selected their brand and their piece, only then will they want to visit a store to experience the touch and feel of the piece. 



What about physical exhibitions?
Large gatherings will be avoided in the near future , physical exhibitions will be called off for everyone’s safety. Many consumers , especially in the interiors , used to rely on exhibitions to make their jewellery and apparel purchases. The digital exhibition platforms, like BLINGBRIDGE, will help sellers exhibit their products and help buyers choose their favourite jewellery digitally.

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Will prices come down ? 
Gold is expected to soar during these uncertain times . Diamonds seem to remain stable since manufacturers have halted production. The demand for diamond jewellery is expected to remain stable . Silver and fashion jewellery is expected to see an uptick due to lower price points. Solitaires- the king of gems – should be stable if sellers see a pent up demand from the consumers. 

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What will people buy post the pandemic?
Wedding jewellery will still be bought . Although people may veer to more functional jewellery that can be reused. Daily wear and regular wear jewellery is expected to soar . Gold has proved its investment value and may see a growth once people start buying. Silver jewellery and fashion jewellery will also see an uptick since more affordable jewellery is the need of the hour.