Big Bang


This beautiful hand cuff is studded all over in eternity style with swarovski grade crystals and color stones to make a statement out of the ordinary. This exclusive piece is limited to 2 piece only.


House Of BIO by Ritti Khanna

“When you can have it shiny, why have it simple!” is the motto that inspired Ritti Khanna to conceptualize House of Bling It Onn (B.I.O).

Ritti Khanna started the brand, Bling It Onn, in 2013 with an aim to give the ordinary clutch a twist, a twang of uniqueness. Her vibrant personality has translated into the brand which creates crystallized clutches in pop colors and unusual designs. Some may even call them quirky, but for Ritti, the clutches symbolize the evolving fashion sense of women who are willing to experiment, deviate from the usual.

Ritti Khanna started off as a clutch couturist with Bling It Onn and then diversified her brand to include accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, head gears, etc. Thus, came into being the House of B.I.O

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