Bouquet Brooch Necklace


The Marigold Root and Jasmine Bouquet Necklace/Brooch – A pendant that can detach from the chain and also be used as a brooch. Use to bling up dresses, jackets, hair-turbans, lapels, bags, scarves and more Transformable is usable.

MorphoGenesis by Aurnument is an artisanal collection that includes individual jewellery pieces that can be paired, layered, styled, and TRANSFORMED as the wearer chooses.

Materials Used:- Upcycled Brass, Freshwater Pearls



Demi-Fine Handcrafted Jewels

925 Silver | Artisanal Brass

Bespoke Orders Taken

India | GCC | UK

On Display: “MorphoGenesis” – A hand manufactured upcycled Brass Jewels Collection

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