Circles of Infinity




We are Ecolustre, Labgrown diamond jewellery brand ( Subsidiary of Solitaire Diam, Gujarat). LAB GROWN’s are manually grown diamonds that can definitely be a woman’s best friend. These LAB GROWN diamonds not only share the physical and chemical properties but also give the same shine and luster as NATURAL DIAMONDS. They are found in various ranges and sizes. They are found in whites as well as in scintillating colors. These are as pure as natural diamonds but the point of origin is different. They are certified by the one of biggest labs in the diamonds trade industry (G.I.A, IGI or HRD). Our jewellery is handcrafted with environmentally conscious Lab Grown diamonds. Our designs have a classic & romantic silhouette. They are very distinctive in style. This collection elegantly walks the line between sophisticated, floral , romantic & out of the box. The designs are modern but anchored in classical schema. Each piece speaks a style that expresses art, femininity and elegance. EcoLustre is a new concept of Lab grown diamond jewellery, with transparency as a major priority and policy.

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